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Welcome to SUWA, your go-to destination for professional business consulting services in the Czech Republic. Founded and led by Wissal Sukkari, we are dedicated to helping businesses thrive and reach their full potential.

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The story behind my consulting company:
I am a half-Czech, half-Lebanese woman. By spending o good portion of my life in both countries, I learned four languages (Czech, Arabic, English, and French). Thanks to that, I've
been able to develop o unique sense of understanding of both cultures.
For the past four years, I've worked with numerous business owners to successfully expand their businesses abroad. My mission has always been to help other companies expand abroad with my experience and quality services. With my future partners, I strive to develop a long-term business relationship based on trust and understanding.

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what peoples's says About SUWA

I had the pleasure of working with Wissal Sukkari and SUWA, and I can confidently say that their business consulting services are top-notch. Wissal's expertise and personalized approach helped me streamline my operations and achieve significant growth.


Wissal's online business coaching has been a game-changer for my business. Her strategies and insights have helped me reach a wider audience and increase my online sales. Highly recommended!"


I highly recommend Wissal Sukkari and SUWA for their exceptional real estate and investment consulting services. With their guidance, I was able to make informed decisions and identify lucrative investment opportunities. Their in-depth market analysis and personalized advice have been invaluable in maximizing my returns.


Wissal's online business coaching has been a transformative experience for me. Her expertise in digital marketing and e-commerce strategies has helped me establish a strong online presence and expand my business globally. Her guidance and support have been instrumental in my business growth.


SUWA's online courses and eBooks have been an incredible resource for my professional development. The content is well-structured, practical, and insightful. I've gained valuable knowledge and skills that I've been able to immediately apply to my business. Thank you, Wissal and SUWA, for providing such valuable resources!


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